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Product Code : 2090200-2

Arco Hoffmann Voltameter - with PTFE Stop Cock


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Hoffmann Voltameter, with stop-cocks made of PTFE


Our products are for use in a Laboratory or educational setting only.Our products are not for kids.Keep the products away from children 13 and under.



Ideal for studying the electrolysis in which gaseous components are formed or gases are liberated at the electrodes. Demonstrates the composition of water by volume, and useful in the determination of the electro-chemical equivalent of hydrogen. The apparatus consists of 'H' shaped glass tube having two connected eudiometers at its ends, graduated 50x0.2mL. A central bulb shaped reservoir is connected to the tube joining the two eudiometers. The eudiometer tubes provided with stop cock at the top and are open at the bottom to take suitable electrodes mounted in rubber bung. Completely made of borosilicate glass.

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Model Number2090200-2

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